Ben Weibel

Education & Background:
B.S. in Computer Science 2019

Experience in the Field:
Completion of Environmental Science and Technologies Practicum (Summer 2015).

Currently engaged in research, applying computational tools to study insect genomes under Sean Schoville and Zach Cohen.

Pending naturalist certificate for Puget Sound beaches and other parks in the Pacific Northwest.

Research Interests:
I am driven by my passion for wildlife, specifically insects, and abilities to work with computing systems to make discoveries about insect evolution. I am fascinated by the everchanging relationship between insects and humans and enjoy any opportunity to help advance our understanding of insect biodiversity.

Personal Interests:
Since I was old enough to own a pet, I have raised and cared for nearly every type of pet you could find at a local pet store. My pride and glory of high school was my 55-gallon tropical freshwater fish tank which was a fully planted, nearly self-sustaining ecosystem consisting of a vast array of shrimps, bottom feeders, exotic insect predators and decorative fishes. Aside from my passion for animals I enjoy sports, winter, water and otherwise, and working as a self-contractor, painting houses and completing light construction jobs with my best friend from my hometown near Seattle.