Benjamin Pélissié

Education & Background:

2007-2010: Doctoral thesis in Evolutionary Biology (University of Montpellier II / CEFE-CNRS)
2006-2007: Master (2nd year) in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (University of Montpellier II)
2005-2006: Master (1st year) in Ecology (University of Toulouse III)
2004-2005: Bachelor in Biology of Organisms, Populations & Ecosystems (University of Toulouse III)

Research Interests:

I am an evolutionary biologist, passionate about how biological diversity emerges and organizes itself. I study the processes generating genetic, trait and species diversity by using integrative approaches and building reliable and fun collaborations. I have worked on ecological speciation in the European corn borer, on the quantification of sexual selection in hermaphrodites, on the evolution of extra molting and body weight threshold in the Desert locust, and on the phylogeny of pollinators associated with Neotropical fig trees. I like field sampling, lab breeding, experimental design, statistical analysis, writing and (above all) collaborating on new projects.

In my current postdoc in Sean Schoville’s lab, I will try to identify the genomic causes of the Colorado potato beetle’s formidable capacity to adapt rapidly to new pesticides, new host plants and new climatic niche.

For more info on my CV, research and publications, you can have a look to my Google Scholar, ORCID and ResearchGate profiles. Click here for a copy of my cv.

Personal Interests:

When not working, I like to spend time with my son, doing anything. When I am not with him, I am either listening to music, taking pictures or spending time outdoors.