Educational Resources

The following resources have been developed with the support of the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Agriculture.

Interpreting the diversification of ice crawlers through time
Developed by Matthew Medeiros (RET) and Sean Schoville. This lesson plan is targeted for genetics/evolution modules at the high school or lower division undergraduate level. Through a series of exercises, students learn how to reconstruct the evolutionary history of ice crawler species. The lesson plan and supporting material is provided below.

Ice crawler lesson plan_v2
Ice Crawler Diversification Lecture
NextGen gryllo tree building instructions
Data set
Phylogenetics quiz
Phylogenetics quiz KEY

Super-pest dice game: Understanding the evolution of insecticide resistance
This dice game demonstrates the process of natural selection acting upon beneficial mutant alleles in a population of pest beetles. Colorado potato beetles infest potato farms and can cause serious crop damage without the use of insecticides. The lesson plan is targeted for elementary school students (K-5).

Super-pest Insecticide Resistance Activity Beetle Fitness & Dice- KEYSuperbugs Activity Poster