Samuel DeGrey

Sam DeGrey in the field!
Education & Background:
M.S. Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2018-present)
2018, B.S. Biology, Humboldt State University, CA

Research Interests:
I am interested in all insects, and all aspects of insect biology. In the past, I’ve worked on mosquito development, scale ultrastructure in jumping bristletails and silverfish, and aquatic insect ecology. The phenomenon of cold adaptation is very interesting to me, and I have long been fascinated with the ice crawlers, insects that are found on snowdrifts at high elevations. My project is focused on spotted winged drosophila, an unusual fruit fly that lays eggs in living fruit instead of rotting fruit. Spotted winged drosophila is native to the tropics, but has since become adapted to colder climates. I am interested in the ecology, physiology, and genetics of the cold adaptation process in spotted winged drosophila. In the future, I would like to do similar studies in cold tolerance on other insects, for instance the chironomid Diamesa mendotae, which is active at below freezing temperatures.

Research Interests:

Entomology is my hobby. I enjoy collecting, identifying, observing, dissecting, and rearing insects in my spare time. I especially love searching for rare insects that live in remote or hard to access places. I am also very interested in studying plants and fungi for fun. IDing plants with my botany major friends was a favorite pastime for me in California, where I am from. I like reading about biology in my spare time, although I sometimes read novels or manga as well. I also enjoy going to the gym, martial arts, karaoke, and running.