The Molecular Ecology lab at UW Madison is committed to the values of equity, inclusion, anti-sexism, and anti-racism in our academic community. We strive to promote these values through our research, teaching, and service, and welcome students and researchers from diverse backgrounds to enrich our lab. Students and researchers in our lab are expected to honor our departmental code of conduct that helps to maintain a safe environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, and violence. Please see some of the ways we promote these values on our outreach page.

Research in our lab focuses on describing biological diversity, determining the role of ecological and evolutionary processes in generating this diversity, and developing management and conservation strategies that incorporate these processes. We apply genetic approaches to address research questions, while integrating spatial environmental data, ecological data, physiological experiments, and morphological analysis.The major research themes of the lab include: Rapid evolutionary change, Biogeography, local adaptation and gene flow across landscapes, Biological responses to global change, Species diversity and conservation, Insect Physiology and Alpine Biology