News and Media

Please take a look at the news stories that feature research in our lab.

News about research on rapid evolutionary change
Read the UW press release by Eric Hamilton on the Colorado potato beetle genome evolution.
Also, see The Crux highlight on this study by Ernie Mastroianni in Discover Magazine, June 2018. Discover

News about student mentoring and community outreach!
See story about Mary Magnuson!
Here is Zach Cohen teaching kids about evolution!
Read about outreach in local schools here and here.

News about alpine insects and climate change
An interview about our paper on ecological selection on butterfly wing color pattern Click here.
An overview of our butterfly research in Yosemite National Park. Click here.
A recent article by Brendan Borrell in Biographic on my favorite critters, the ice crawlers. Click here.
An article by Jonathan Brunt of the Spokesman-Review: our work protecting the Mt. Spokane ice crawlers. Click here.
An article by Kevin Barrett in the Whyfiles, featuring work at UW-Madison on climate science. Click here.
A Darwin Day documentary on species discovery in California, produced by Gabriela Quirós of KQED Science. Watch here.
A feature on this new beetle species appeared in National Geographic France (02/2010)
An article by Letty Brown in the Berkeley Science Review. Click here.
An article by Carl Hall from the San Francisco Chronicle. Click here.