Postdoctoral Scholars
Rachel Slatyer (2017) – Rachel now works for the Australian government in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Canberra.
Benjamin Pélissié (2019) – Ben now works for the French government in CIRAD-PVBMT, in La Réunion.

Graduate Students
Zachary Cohen (Ph.D. Entomology, 2021) – Zach now works for the USDA Agriculture Research Service in College Station, Texas.
Michael Crossley (Ph.D. Entomology, 2019) – Michael is now a professor in the Entomology and Wildlife Ecology Department at the University of Delaware.
Samuel DeGrey (M.S. Entomology, 2020) – Samuel now works as a Research Associate for the University of Idaho.
Jillian Schat (Ph.D. Entomology, 2023) – Jillian now teaches at Grossmont College in San Diego, California.
Yi-Ming Weng (PhD. Entomology, 2022) – Yi-Ming is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.

Undergraduates and Technicians
William Awve (2019-2020)
Shelby Ballweg (2018)
Corinne Banks (2019-2020)
Zachary Beethem (2015-2017) – Zach received a MS from the University of Pennsylvania and is now a Software Engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Tyler Benz (2018)
Zachary Boor (2013-2015) – Zach worked in genetic counseling after graduation.
Tierney Bougie (2014-2016) – Tierney received a PhD from SDSU/UCR and now works in the Biotech Industry.
Gabriel Coleman (2024)
Jack Cook (2016-2017)
Juliana Dessert (2019) – JuJu is pursuing a PhD in Molecular Biology at UT Austin.
Elizabeth Ehlert (2022-2023)
Christian Eken (2016-2017)
Emma Fischer (2017-2020) – Emma now works for Promega Corporation in the Biotech Industry.
Daisy Gates (2020) – Daisy returned to the UK and works in the field of bioinformatics.
Sam Goblirsch (2018-2020)
Maria Golovkina (2017-2019) – Maria is working towards to become a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Robert Hall (2021-2023) – Robert is working towards a PhD at Stanford University.
Dima Hamdan (2022-2023)
Ben Havlicek (2016-2017)
Mercedes Hernandez-Natera (2023)
Breanna Hoyt-Glenon (2021)
Mryia Hubert (2015-2019) – Mryia is working in the field of genetic counseling.
April Hommerding (2017)
Kalene Jasso (2016-2017) – Kalene pursued a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Florida.
Benjamin Klementz (2019-2020) – Ben is pursuing a PhD in Integrative Biology.
Sam Korth
Avery Kuhlow (2017-2018)
Mary Magnuson (2018-2020) – Mary is a science writer and editor.
Emily Maiers (2021)
Daniel Matusinec (2016)
Miguel Mares (2021)
Maddie Michaelis (2022-2023)
Brianna Moreland (2021)
Joseph Munoz (2023)
Molly Nooyen (2021-2022)
Jack Ralph (2015-2016)
Brenna Rea (2021)
Shelby Rivers (2016)
Emelia Rogers (2019-2023) – Emelia is working as a wildlife research intern at the Dane County Humane Society
William Rosenthal (2016-2018) – Will is pursuing a PhD in evolutionary Biology at the University of Wyoming.
Isaiah Rozich (2014-2016)
Randall Ruvalcaba (2016)
Kira Schlicht (2014-2015)
Sydney Schumacher (2023) – Syndey is an undergraduate at University of Washington, studying Oceanography.
Julien Scribner (2018-2019)
Carly Servais (2023-2024) – Carly is studying pollinator ecology.
Sindhu Shankar (2020-2021)
Kelly Thao (2016-2018)
Glenda Valdez (2014-2017) – Glenda worked for the National Science Foundation and completed a law degree specializing in environmental law.
Troy Valle (2013-2017) – Troy went into business and is now a manager at Chr. Hansen.
Kyle Vandervere (2018-2019)
Ben Veire (2017-2021) – Ben is working for 10x Genomics.
Julia Walker (2022-2023)
Yulong Wang (2021)
Alicia Ward (2021-2022) – Alicia is working at the Crane Foundation as a fellow.
Ben Weibel (2017-2019) – Ben is working for Carbon Robotics.
Chandler Wells (2023)
Peter Willadsen (2017-2019)- Peter is pursuing a PhD in Entomology at the University of Kansas.
Alex Williams (2016)
Tre’Von Williams (2022) – Tre’Von is pursuing a career as a forensic scientist.
Bailey Wolding (2015-2016)
Evan Woolridge (2020-2021)
Aaron Wu (2016)
Huijun Xiao (2019-2020)
Carolina Zhagnay (2019-2020)

High School Interns
Jessiney Bass (2015-2016)
Emma Fischer (2017-2018)
Jonathan Marrione (2023-2024)
Sydney Schumacher (2021-2022)
Jewel Sherchok (2021)