Zach Farrand

Education & Background:

2022 M.S. Biology; Northern Michigan University
2014 B.S. Environmental Science & Environmental Studies; Rocky Mountain College

Awards and Grants:

2021 & 2022 NMU Biology Department Development Fund Award
2021 Charles C. Spooner Research Grant (NMU)
2020 & 2021 NMU Excellence in Education Research Award
2015 Environmental Science Departmental Award (RMC)
2014 Environmental Studies Departmental Award (RMC)
2013 US Forest Service Research Grant
2013 & 2012 Yellowstone River Research Center Grant

Research Interests:

I am interested in landscape-level ecology and identifying how the environment has influenced evolution of Holarctic montane species. This brought me to the Molecular Ecology lab, where I am a PhD student working on genomic datasets of alpine ground beetles (Nebria). I completed my master’s degree at Northern Michigan University, where I studied genotype-environment associations in American pika (Ochotona princeps), particularly searching for variation in selective signals between five distinct lineages. Before pursuing my master’s, I worked on a variety of wildlife ecology projects, including spotted owl demography in the Pacific Northwest and endangered seabird conservation on Kauai.

Personal Interests:

I like most activities that I can share with my dog outside, but I especially enjoy backpacking, trail running, birding, mushroom hunting, and XC skiing. I enjoy cooking and have a growing obsession with wild foraging ingredients. I prefer to live near large bodies of water, and the Great Lakes have been an exciting system to explore over the last few years. I also like reading (mostly science and nature related works), listening to podcasts, and attending live music as much as possible.